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Cookies are small text strings inserted from the site to the user's devices while browsing the site and stored in the directory used by the user's web browser.

Cookies can be:

A) Technical cookies - are installed directly from the site and can be:

1) Navigation cookies: guarantee the fruition and navigation within the site, for example allowing the shopping cart's compilation.

2) Analytics cookies: compared to technical cookies only when they collect statistical information in aggregate form such as the site's visited pages, their number, etc.

3) Functionality cookies: allows navigation optimization within the site through the criteria chosen by the user (such as choosed language).

B) Profiling cookies - are used to track the user's navigation on the network and create a profile to suit his preferences and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user while browsing. The site does not use directly and on its own account this kind of cookies.

Technical cookies, in essence, are those related to the proper and smooth functioning of the website and/or to provide a service requested by the user and are normally installed by the website owner or the website manager; for this type of cookies requesting consent is not required by law. Vice versa all cookies - or similar devices - which does not have the above purposes should not be considered technical cookies and it is therefore necessary to obtain consent from the user for their use; they can be installed only after the website owner has provided adequate information about their use and he has also acquired consent from the user.

Cookies can be sent (when navigating within the site) also from other sites different from and are called third-party cookies. Some examples are represented by the sharing buttons presence or the like buttons related to the social media plugin such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. These cookies may also be profiling, or change their type in the course of time. For more informations we list policy's web addresses and procedures for third party management consent present on the site



Enabling and disabling cookies in used device

The user can decide whether to accept or not the sending of cookies through their browser settings.

To accept cookies this site sends (technical and third-party) simply continue navigation after the appearance of the banner, or close the same by clicking on the banner on x or ok.

To not accept cookies just change the settings of your web browser.

The following illustrates the method to be used in the most common browsers:

Google Chrome

- In the settings menu, select "Show Advanced Settings" at the bottom of the page

- Select "content settings" in the privacy section

The top section of the page that appears explain your cookies settings and allows you to select the cookies you want. Also it allows you to delete all cookies currently filed.

For more information visit

Mozilla Firefox

- In the tools menu, select "Preferences"

- Select "Privacy"

- From the dropdown menu choose "Use custom settings for history". This will show you the options for cookies and you can choose to enable or disable them by clicking on the box.

For more information visit

Internet Explorer

- In the menu bar, select "Internet Options"

- Click "Privacy"

- You'll see a cursor that has six privacy settings that let you control the number of cookies that will be placed: Block All Cookies, High, Medium High, Medium (default level), Low, and Accept All Cookies.

For more information visit

Safari browser

- In the Settings menu, select "Preferences"

- Open the Privacy section

- Select the option you want from the "Block cookies"

For more information visit


  • Run the Opera Browser

  • Click Preferences, then Advanced, and then click Cookies

  • Select from the following options:

  1. Accept all cookies
  2. Accept cookies only from the site I visit: the third-party cookies that are sent to and from a domain other than the one you are visiting will be rejected
  3. Never accept cookies: all cookies will never be saved

For more information visit

Safari iOS (mobile devices)

  • Run the iOS Safari Browser

  • Tap Settings, then Safari

  • Tap on Block Cookies and choose between various options: "Never", "Third-party and advertisers" or "Always"

  • To clear all cookies stored by Safari, tap Settings, then Safari, and Clear Cookies and Data

For more information visit

Other browsers

For information about managing cookies in other browsers, consult your documentation or online help.