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Neutral Base: PG 50%, VG 40%, Water 10%, nicotine concentration from 0 to 36mg/ml. All ingredients have pharmaceutical purity and the water is purified water. The nicotine is provided to us with a purity degree of 99,9%, the highest possible (and the most valuable), so the Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

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Our vegetable glycerine is produced without the use of raw materials deriving from the Jatropha plant or from its oils. The Jatropha plant is classified as a noxious plant in some countries. Oils produced from the Jatropha plant contain carcinogenic substances and pose high risks for the health of people and animals. Moreover, our vegetable glycerine complies with all of the Directive EG 2007/2008 requirements pertaining to the allowable content of allergenic substances in food ingredients. That’s why they don’t contain any of the allergenic substances listed in Appendix III like:

Cereals containing gluten, crustaceans and crustacean products, eggs and egg products, fish and products, nuts and nut products, soy and soy products, milk and dairy products, celery and celery products, mustard and mustard products, sesame seeds and sesame seed products, lupin and and lupin products, shellfish and shellfish products, etc.